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STORYSHIFT: A Genocide Story
   “That’s all I got,” Asriel’s panting voice sounded across the snow. “It’s clear now! You are not strong enough to defeat me! I will spare you now!”
   Chara’s brown eyes shrunk in shock. He couldn’t be serious! She had even warned him about this human, and how dangerous it was. And, he had wanted that his whole life: to find and capture a human. Now was his chance: now was when he could bring it to justice. But, still, he spared it…
   Chara whirled around to see a knife sweep across her brother’s chest, fur flying away. Asriel gasped in shock, just before his whole form turned to dust. Well, everything except his clothes, which weren’t really a part of him. Those fell to the ground, the bright fabric dulled with the light grey of dust.
   The human looked at the dust- fondly?- before continuing along to Waterfall, not showing a bit of remorse or regret of their choices. T
:icondimonds456:Dimonds456 4 0
storyshift - just like snow
monsters are just like snow.
fragile, one single touch and they just perish into dust, although snowflakes and snow turn to small droplets of water.
humans are not like that. they have their determination to make them strong.
they have their LV. they have their EXP. and that will help them become even stronger.
chara has not gained any LV. perhaps they wish to, though. but they refuse to. and they're not going to hurt any monsters. if only they could become stronger from other humans being hurt by them... ah, chara's one wish. one wish that'll never become true. most likely anyway, at least.
and they did not need to be a bad person. they had a family and all the monsters in snowdin thought they were amazing. chara didn't really care, though. well, of course they cared about the monsters, but not as much as their family.
especially their younger brother, asriel.
they were never always siblings; chara's a human and asriel's a monster. chara fell
:iconzezzie-bub:zezzie-bub 12 2
Sans X Frisk - Mercy by WolfKIce Sans X Frisk - Mercy :iconwolfkice:WolfKIce 220 12
Storyshift Asriel X reader
I didn't really have much inspiration for this. But there is LOTS of FLUFF!
Reader's POV
You slam the flirt button.
"Hey Asriel, are you an angel? 'Cause you're the answer to all my prayers!" You wink at him, causing him to blush.
You had fallen underground and met this adorable goat monster and his adopted human brother Chara. You developed a crush on him and you were now in a battle so Asriel could "capture" you.
"W-What?!" He stutters, obviously embarrassed. Chara laughs from afar at his flustered brother.
You let out a giggle and dodge Asriel's attacks, which were surprisingly slightly hard.
Your turn once again, and you select flirt. "Honey, will you bee mine?" You blow a kiss and Asriel flushes at your boldness.
The fight ends and you spare him, and run up and give him a hug. "You're so cute!" You squeal. He does a cute little pout and then mumbles, "But mommy said I had to capture a human to join the Royal Guard!"
You feel slightly guilty and back away from Asriel, realizi
:iconfidelibus:Fidelibus 8 4
Robin x Thief!Reader
“Well well well, looks like I found something good,” you spoke to yourself as your eyes wondered over the many priceless gems and trinkets that were only separated by a thin layer of glass. You continued to look over the items as a smirk played along your lips, this was too easy. You had to admit, after your first few robberies in Gotham City, you were no longer doing it for the items but for the person who always came after you. You smirk grew into a wide grin when you finally found the item you were looking for, a priceless gold necklace with rubies and jade set into a unique pattern that intertwined with one another.
You quickly removed a section of the glass barrier with something you had picked up from many years of thievery and took the item, no alarms. You frowned slightly knowing he would not know where you are if the alarms did not go off. You placed the necklace in your boot and smashed out the rest of the glass causing the alarms to go off in a loud pattern of ra
:iconmiskuki:Miskuki 723 81
I still need cuddles. (Spencer Reid x Punk!Reader)
You put your head phones on, letting the music wash over you. "Cuz' teenager scare, the livin' shit outta me!!" You sang along, head banging. To say the least, you were a punk. You had a soft spot for loud music. You had a few tattoos, and a few piercings, and loved your music loud. You flopped on the couch, drumming to the beat. Oh, one little thing: you worked in forensics. You tended to partner with Spencer Reid, as you were both autistic, so you were able to pick each other's brains accordingly. You both felt comfortable around each other, so naturally you got paired together.
"Hey Spencer!" You yell through the office.
"Figure something out (N/N)?" He said, walking in to see you with your music.
"Yeah. What is the age group of the murder victims?"
"18-23. Why?"
"Because I got him. Bob McMurphy. Registered sex offender."
"How do you know?" He looked at you skeptically.
"Because A) never trust an addict, and B) it takes an addict to know an addict. I found coke around the crime scen
:iconhudsonwinchester:Hudsonwinchester 162 27
It The Little Things (Reid x punk!Reader)
You open your door, immediately stripping the button down shirt, tie, and dockers off your body, replacing them with dark skinny jeans, a Metallica shirt and converse. You open the drawer next to the door, and taking a remote, blasting music through the house. You take a deep breath, relishing in the fact that you could be you now. You grabbed all your bracelets, 6 rubber Band bracelets, a rainbow tile bracelet, a diamond tennis bracelet and several cuffs. You loved these clothes, they were  No fancy clothes, no formal greetings, just you, and that was all you needed as your body relaxed, every muscle unclentching one by one, as you made your way to the kitchen. You heard a knock, thinking it would be Tony, a good friend, you opened it with a smile, but the smile dropped as you saw Reid in the door way.
"Who got murdered?" You said, a deep sigh following.
"Well, um, actually, I was just checking on you. You seemed distressed right before leaving the BAU, and I thought
:iconhudsonwinchester:Hudsonwinchester 172 6
Why Me? Spencer Reid X Brillant!Kidnapped!Reader
"Hey pretty thing". I look around for the owner of the voice. No one. Too dark. "Yeah, you" It calls again. I spin in circles, trying to trace the voice. His arm wraps around my neck, and he strokes my hair. "It's not nice to play hard to get, pretty". The last thing I remember before I black out was the smell of oil.
I wake up strapped to a bed. I go to stand up and I notice my arms and legs are bound by rope to a steel bed frame. My vision is blurry, but I can make out bars. I'm in a cage.
"Are..are you the new one?" A voice asks. Small, quiet. She was crying.
"I...I think so..."
"My names Abigail. I've been here 6 months. Just do me a favor, okay?" My vision starts to clear and I see a girl. Same age as me, maybe a year older, blonde hair and a tank top, bent over a log with a man's hand holding her neck, standing over her with an axe. "Don't fight it, and please, if you get out-" she lets out a cry from the mans hand jerking her forward, "Don't let my mom know how bad it is." She l
:iconhudsonwinchester:Hudsonwinchester 157 12
It's Nothing JackSepticEye X Depressed!Reader
It was 3 days after I met Jack I knew he was a keeper. I was having a bad day, mentally and just a bad day in general, so I came home and as I slammed my door shut with a grunt, I stomped to the hallway about 20 feet from the door and punched a hole in the wall. I saw blood slowly emerge from my knuckles, so I fell back against the wall, and slide down, tears falling down my face.
I pick up my phone and see a text from Jack.
On my way there. I'll see you in about 15 minutes Crap! I forgot I invited him over. I quickly wiped my tears from my face and went to the bathroom to clean my bleeding hand. I hissed as I put it under the running water, and saw the blood and water mix as it swirled down the drain. I grabbed a towel and patted my knuckles dry. I kneeled down and rummaged through the drawers under the sink to find an ace bandage, and wrapped my hand. I smiled at my work as I heard the doorbell ring.
"Perfect timing" I say to myself. I plaster a fake smile
:iconhudsonwinchester:Hudsonwinchester 418 81
Tea and Spiders Markiplier x Male!Reader
As my eyes flutter open, I reach my arms above my head, letting the nights groans come out of my mouth. I sit up as I scratch my head, pulling a shirt over my head and looking in the full body mirror on my door. Shirt, boxers, and no socks. Perfect! I open the door and head down stairs to the kitchen. I open the cabinet and pull a box of crackers out, and setting them on the counter. I take my tea kettle and put some water in it and place it on the stove, turning the burner on high. I rummage through the cabinets looking for a mug to use. "Aha!" I whisper, pulling out my favorite mug. On the side it says "There's a chance this is alcohol" and on the bottom is has a hand giving the middle finger so ever time I take a sip, I flick someone off. I place it on the counter and grab the sugar bowl and lean against the counter to wait. I look around my house as I let out a scream.
"What are you doing up at 6 am? And why are you ma
:iconhudsonwinchester:Hudsonwinchester 182 30
Not A Murderer JacksepticeyeXreaderXMarkiplier
"(Y/N), you and Jack will get along great . Trust me this is science!" Mark rambled as he drove.
"And what science would that be?"
"You're hyper, he's hyper; you're loud, he's loud; you're extremely sexual in the way you speak, he's extremely sexual in the way he speaks. Perfect match!"
"You're not trying to set me up with him, are you?"
"No, no, of course not! But if a relationship evolves out of this, I'm taking all the credit!" We sat in a mutual silence for a while.
"What if he doesn't like me?" I blurt out.
"He'll love you. You're amazing! Okay? Okay." I smile slightly, my hair falling in my face a little. We get to the park, when I realized that was a really weird place to meet someone for the first time.
"Uhh, Marki?" I ask.
"Yes, (Y/N)"
"Why a park?"
"One word, (Y/N), one word: swings" He gazes thoughtfully into the distance, making me laugh.
"Fine. Where is this jack dude anyway?" Mark steps out of the car, motioning for me to come outside. I step out and look around.
:iconhudsonwinchester:Hudsonwinchester 289 32
Not Every Touch Markiplier X Abused!Reader
"OH GOD DAMMIT!" I wince as I hear Mark yell from his recording room. I hear him pound his fist on the table, and I almost start crying. He walks out and slams the door, to which I visibly cringe at. If we were in a cartoon, smoke would be coming from his ears. He mumbles to himself and walks to the kitchen. I tuck my knees to my chest and shake slightly.
"Games are stupid" He mumbles. He grabs a glass and fills it with water before turning to me. He sees me with my head between my knees, rocking back and forth ever so slightly. He sighs, running a hand roughly through his hair. He takes a deep breath and walks over, kneeling down next to the couch. He looks up at me, tapping my knee twice. Something we had figured out works for getting me out of the mental state I put myself into when I get triggered. He taps my knee again, and I look up, my face red from putting so much pressure on it.
"I'm not mad at you, you know that, right?" He tries. I nod.
"I know. It just doesn't help. It's st
:iconhudsonwinchester:Hudsonwinchester 441 99
Always (Spencer X Reader)
Spencer Reid X Reader for Hudsonwinchester
    I sat in the conference room as we were just about to get debriefed for a new case as soon as everyone arrived when my phone rang. I got up and exited the room before answering. The caller ID was… a hospital?
    "Hello?" I asked in confusion.
    "Hello is this Miss (First Name) (Last Name)?" A male voice asked back.
    "Yes," I answered "Who is this?"
    "This is Dr. Nathan Evergreen from St. Anne's Hospital. I'm sorry to inform you that your mother has passed away"
    My breath hitched.
    "Excuse me?!" I chocked out.
    "She had a heart attack at 5:08am"
    After that I had zoned out. She was gone. She was one of the most important people in my life and now she was gone. I hung up the phone and dried my tears quickly as I heard footsteps approaching.
    "(Last Name) , we're about
:iconlilalisonangel:LilAlisonAngel 217 24
Set Up (Spencer X Reader)
Spencer Reid X Reader
    (Spencer's P.o.V)
    "Did you ask her" Morgan asked, taking the book I was reading out of my hands and leaning against my desk.
    "No. I will ask when I'm ready" I muttered
    "Come on Reid" he sighed "I thought we talked about this. You have to ask her before someone else does or-before something happens"
    I knew what he was trying to imply. With this job you couldn't be too sure about the future. To prove that fact, I had just come back from the hospital after what happen in Briscoe, County. I looked up at him and nodded.
    "I'll ask after work" I said with determination.
    "That's my boy" Morgan laughed, clapping me on the back (hard).
    He turned and walked in the direction of Garcia's office. I picked up my book and went back to reading, though I could hardly focus. I could only think of (Name).
:iconlilalisonangel:LilAlisonAngel 193 16
Girl Genius (ReidxReader)
     It was your first day on the job as a part of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit. You'd been working most of your life to get there and become the best of the best at criminal profiling, and finally you almost were. You had already turned down the BAU’s offer twice due to schooling, and after finally obtaining a master’s in biology, you felt you were ready to take on the actual job. Turns out everyone there thought you had been ready a long time ago.
    Right now you was starting to regret not actually starting to work sooner. The Quantico building was amazing, the people were fantastic, and there were investigation boards spread throughout rooms everywhere. You really did want to jump up and down and squeal, but that would only make you look more immature than you probably already did.
    Elle was your new coworker showing you around. Her and you got along pretty well since she was the only female you had met so far besides &
:iconkrazykitkatlaugh:krazykitkatlaugh 217 13
Let Her Go (ReidXReader Songfic)
Let Her Go
Well you only need the light when it's burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know you love her when you let her go
   It had been one month, an entire month of mourning and solemnity in the BAU. Most having at degrees in psychology, they all knew that sooner or later they would have to accept the loss and move on, but none of them wanted to. The building was duller, less alive with your absence. Morgan was no longer joking and Garcia was barely speaking. Elle and JJ were handling your death better than the others, at least in public, but then there was Reid- Reid who had held you in his arms as the life had slipped from your body, Reid who had loved you to the very end.
Only know you've been high when you're feeling low
Only hate the road when you’re missin' home
Only know you love her when you let her go
And you let her go
   The first two weeks he hadn’t shown up for work, not answering the team’s calls and barely l
:iconkrazykitkatlaugh:krazykitkatlaugh 76 14


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I think you'd like this story: "creepypasta summoning spells" by Blackcircuscat on Wattpad
Hey guys! Sorry for not updating sooner. I've been going through depression lately. Also had writer's block for a while.
Hey! I'm really sorry for not putting up a story yet! I want to put up either a flowerfell(pacifist, in case you haven't heard of it yet and it's with Underfell logic and characters) or Undertale(Genocide) story, so if you could help me with ideas, I'd be glad to put one up!
Hey! I'm really sorry for not putting up a story yet! I want to put up either a flowerfell(pacifist, in case you haven't heard of it yet and it's with Underfell logic and characters) or Undertale(Genocide) story, so if you could help me with ideas, I'd be glad to put one up!


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